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Martin, with his company In The Picture, has supported ASK Global Solutions Ltd since its inception in early 2017; helping to build our first ever website and ensuring we are represented on key business platforms such as LinkedIn. Having the continued support of Martin has allowed me to focus on growing the business without having to worry about our online presence, ensuring that ASK Global appears dynamic and always topical to prospective customers. 

Martin’s excellent photography background has been particularly useful in professionally capturing our ever growing portfolio of products, in both still images and video. Being able to “show off” our range of branded kiosks has significantly benefitted our sales. Martin’s flexibility and quick response to our needs is extremely important, especially in support of the Trade Shows we attend where designing and creating brochures and, other marketing collateral are needed, often with short notice. 

I have recently become involved in a retail project and Martin has been able to quickly expand our social media presence on Facebook and Instagram increasing our “hits” and “likes” with targeted promotions and brand presentation. 

Overall, working with Martin is an enjoyable and relaxed business relationship very much suited to the way ASK Global likes to work with its customers. 

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